From the desk of Jace Campbell, CPA, Founder of JWC ERTC Advisory:

Safeguarding Your Business from ERC Fraudsters

JWC Employee Retention Tax Credit Advisory CPA, LLC BBB Business Review

Dear Prudent Business Owner,

I have not met a business owner in the past month who is not inundated with aggressive marketing campaigns about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

Promoters are hitting you up from every angle, promising you "maximum credits" with an "easy application process" and "no risk".

But the IRS is finally revealing the truth about these "As Seen On TV ERC Experts".


In fact, they first started warning of these promoters last October, but have since ramped up these warnings releasing more ominous warnings in March, May, and July.

The IRS (and Congress) are frustrated by the misleading marketing, which is rapidly overshadowing the true purpose of the ERC. They've voiced their concerns about false public advertisements, scams, and even potential identity theft.

The scary truth?

It's nearly impossible for the average business owner to distinguish a legitimate tax expert from a manipulative marketer out to make a quick buck.

But what if there was a solution?

What if "how" a CPA Firm engaged with you would ensure transparency, integrity, and accuracy, keeping you shielded from IRS backlash and the dark underbelly of aggressive tax promoters?

Enter: The Ironclad Integrity Initiative

JWC ERTC Advisory CPA LLC is the nation's first and only registered accounting firm specializing in ERC and nothing else. We don't offer income tax preparation or audits or bookkeeping.

ERC is all we do.

And, of course, every good marketer would say "Trust Us".

So how do you know who to trust?

It's simple: The Ironclad Integrity Initiative isn't just a catchphrase. The three core pillars of this Initiative prove our transparency and integrity by actually showing you how we engage with our clients.

  • The Fraud Firewall - We never ask you to sign a Power of Attorney and take away your right to file (or not file) your tax returns. Other firms require this PoA so they can sign your returns and force you to claim the credits, even if they are fraudulent.
  • SmartStart Onboarding - We don't ask for your confidential tax and payroll records until after we have agreed on your eligibility. That sensitive information should be provided on a "Need to Know Basis". And if you are not eligible (or you do not have the opportunity to challenge their assessment of your eligibility), then they DO NOT need to know!
  • DirectCheck Expressway - We allow the refund checks to come directly to you from the US Treasury. Other firms require your checks to first go to a lockbox so they can ensure they get paid. But this just delays payment to you by weeks. And with mailbox issues we've seen with lockboxes, we've seen checks returned to the IRS and delaying check re-issuance by several months. This is your money, not theirs.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It!

Unlike most ERC firms that trap you into ironclad contracts protecting their interest in your refunds, our Engagement Letter keeps you in the driver’s seat.

With our transparent Standard Operating Procedures, you can refuse to move forward at any time if you no longer wish to file for ERC.

It is our job to ensure you understand why you qualify.

And if we have not gained your trust, then you simply don't file.

We cannot force you to file for the credits.

We only sign as the Paid Preparer.

Ultimately, you sign the amended payroll tax return (the Form 941-X) and you will mail the form to the IRS.

In this treacherous tax landscape, while it's crucial to be skeptical, it's equally essential to choose the right partner. A partner that isn’t just another name in the crowd, but one that stands tall with an unshakeable commitment to safeguarding your business’s interests.

So, if you're seeking not just words, but concrete actions that vouch for credibility, it’s time to make a choice that puts YOUR business first.

Next Steps

Explore the options below, depending on how familiar you are with these credits and how quickly you want to move forward.

  • Visit our FAQ's to learn what questions you should be asking (but may not know to ask).
  • Enter our anonymous Pre-Qualification Tool to learn if/when you qualify (no email address required).
  • Call us at (512) 790-7880 and ask to get on Don's calendar for a Discovery Call
  • Schedule a Discovery Call on Don's calendar yourself

Choose transparency. Choose integrity. Choose The Nation's Only ERC CPA Firm.

Warm Regards,

Jace W Campbell, CPA

Founder, JWC ERTC Advisory CPA LLC

P.S. I don't believe in the validity of Google Reviews. I've seen too many ERC promoters buying 5-star reviews and too many competitors leaving 1-star reviews.

Instead, I believe in the Better Business Bureau's process of vetting reviews. Check out those reviews here.

JWC Employee Retention Tax Credit Advisory CPA, LLC BBB Business Review