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Still Learning About ERC & How To Qualify

Employee Retention Credits (ERC) were first introduced in 2020 as part of pandemic relief with the CARES Act. It was later expanded in 2021 and businesses could then claim both PPP Loans and ERC rebates.

Essentially, the credits act as a rebate of certain wages paid to employees. However, unlike PPP, there are certain qualifying criteria.

Visit our Qualification Guide to learn if you qualify. No opt-in email address required.

You've Been Told You Qualify - So How Big Is Your Refund?

Plenty of ERC firms will offer grandiose refund estimates based on the # of employees you have . . . but those estimates are all garbage. They're nothing but click-bait to get your email address and phone number.

We were the first ERC firm to develop a really really accurate refund calculator, but we have now learned that even that calculator is only accurate if you are qualifying based on certain criteria.

Instead of overpromising, how about we just do the math and we'll all see the size of your refund when it's actually calculated . . . with all the nitty gritty details baked into the calculation?

If you know for a fact that you only qualify based on a decline in revenue, then you are welcome to visit our ERTC Refund Calculator. Just realize that this may underestimate your refund for a variety of reasons that we explain on that page.

The IRS Warns of ERC Fraud - So How Do You Choose An ERC Firm?

For the average business owner, it is impossible to tell the difference between a reputable ERC firm and an expert Sales & Marketing firm who is promoting dangerously aggressive tax credits.

This is exactly why we developed the Ironclad Integrity Initiativeā„¢.

Actions speak louder than words. And the three core pillars of our Initiative should not be confused with the superlatives and rhetoric that you hear from every ERC promoter on TV, radio, online and cold-calling you.

In fact, these three pillars are embedded in our Operating Procedures so you can see for yourself how we operate differently.

Transparency. Trust. Credibility.

This is what you should expect of a registered accounting firm offering ERC services.

Read the IRS warnings for yourself and see why engaging JWC ERTC Advisory is unlike any other ERC specialist in the country.