Were You Scammed by ERC Promoters?

  • Independently learn if you qualify for the Employee Retention Credits and your documentation will support that position
  • Avoid steep penalties & interest in the event of an IRS audit
  • Work with a registered public accounting firm specializing in ERC

Voluntary Repayment

The IRS is offering you a one-time opportunity to repay your Employee Retention Credits and avoid penalties in the event of an audit.

ERTC Application Removal

Already submitted your ERTC application, but have not yet received your refund checks? Now you can remove your application from their queue and avoid additional scrutiny.

"I finally felt like I was talking to an ERTC expert. Not a call center operator reading a script and saying whatever they could to boost my confidence and get me to sign on the dotted line."

Pay It Back or Keep the Money . . . But Sleep Easy

You've been put in a difficult position. One that tests your integrity. Tests your courage.

Your longtime trusted CPA didn't know enough about ERC to offer an opinion. So you paid a hefty 25% commission to an "As Seen On TV ERC Expert".

You've already received six refunds checks from the US Treasury totaling $235,000, but you never really learned how you qualified other than "limited commerce".

And now the government has offered this lifeline . . . pay back the $235,000 to avoid accuracy and underpayment penalties and interest of $100,000+ that will be due (in addition to repaying the $235,000) if you can't defend an audit.

This is when it pays to have a true tax professional in your corner. A CPA who is an expert in ERTC and has dedicated the past 2.5 years to ERTC and nothing else.

A CPA who has been through IRS audits of ERTC and knows exactly what you'll have to defend.

A CPA who has personally signed thousands of ERTC claims, but also declined to submit thousands of claims.

Learn the truth about your claims and sleep easy knowing your $235,000 is safe, or sleep easy knowing you didn't just send $235,000 back to the government due to unfounded fears.