Welcome to the Most Accurate ERTC Refund Calculator on the Internet

(And You'll Soon Learn Why)

The purpose of this calculator is to provide you with a preliminary estimate of the refund you should expect to receive from the Employee Retention Credits. However, there are a few limitations to this calculator, and we want to be transparent with you upfront. Because if this calculator is not useful for you, then we have failed at delivering you the client experience that you should expect from a CPA Firm.

So as to not waste your time or build false hope, please read through the limitations below. There is nothing I personally hate more than investing my time into a tool like this only to learn that it was never going to give me the correct answer.

This is not like the calculators you find on other websites that just take your employee count and multiple it by $26,000 per employee.

Less than 1% of our clients receive the full $26,000 for all their W-2 employees, so that math is deceptive and breeds false hope. That’s not the client relationship we want to build, and just as importantly, we want this estimate to be meaningful for you.

You should plan to spend 5-10 minutes entering your info into the calculator.

This is quite detailed.

We're going to ask for the data that is needed to give you an actual estimate, and historically we're within 15% of our estimate about 90% of the time.

Before starting the calculator, you might take a minute to gather the information you'll need:

  • # of Employees
  • Total Wages Paid Annually
  • Amount of each Payroll Protection Program Loan
  • % of Employees Making Over $40,000/year

Important Limitations of this Calculator

1) This calculator can only estimate your refund for those quarters where you had a decline in revenue. There is simply too much professional judgment that goes into your qualifying based on the more subjective criteria of a "full or partial suspension of operations".

If you are not sure of whether your revenue declined enough from 2019, click to start with our ERTC Pre-Qualification Tool.

2) If you had fewer than 10 W-2 employees in 2019, 2020 or 2021, this calculator may overestimate your refund more than we would like.

This is because small deviations in employee count can make an outsized difference to the algorithm.

For example, when:
  • W-2 employees are related to the owner(s); and/or,
  • the PPP Covered Period closely aligns with the ERTC qualifying period; and/or,
  • there is high turnover of employees,

. . . . these items all cause the actual credits to skew lower than was originally anticipated.

3) For restaurantsour estimation is not very precise because EVERY restaurant in America with indoor dining will qualify for ERTC. However, every state/city had different dates for their indoor dining restrictions.

For restaurants, the calculator estimates your refund based on how much other restaurant clients have received per employee, but the actual refunds vary wildly depending on the type of restaurant, pay levels of staff, turnover and where you are located (i.e. Texas opened restaurants in March 2021 but California did not open until June 2021).