ERTC Qualification Tool – JWC ERTC Advisory CPA

Welcome to the Internet's Only ERTC Self-Qualification Tool

I know it is a bold statement to say this is the internet's only ERTC Self-Qualification Tool but I've yet to find another "calculator" that provides you real meaningful answers about whether you will qualify for these credits.

Instead, other firms are deceitful with the true purpose of their "calculators". They say "just 8 minutes filling out this form and you'll be pre-qualified."

What they should say is just 8 minutes with their form and they will know whether you are a qualified lead for them.

Name, number of employees, industry, email, phone . . . these are just the basic questions to trigger a phone call . . . and an email . . . then an SMS . . . then another phone call . . . and another email.

Before you know it you’re on a twenty minute call with a salesperson whose sole purpose is to get you to sign on the dotted line because their monthly commission depends on it (and if they seem a bit pushy and say "Yes" to every skeptical question you raise . . . its because they may be going for the daily cash bonus for the office . . . not even kidding here).

This is ridiculous! This is not the behavior of a reputable CPA Firm. And they likely are not a CPA Firm at all.

I’ve got an idea.

An idea for an entirely new ERTC experience.

One where we help you to determine for yourself whether you qualify.

Follow along with me for the next couple of pages . . .

This is a “Choose Your Own Adventure” version of ERTC consulting.

I’m going to guide you through a simple explanation of eligibility for the Employee Retention Credits, and I’m not even going to ask you for your email address. No name. No phone number.

If you want to continue working with us, then great . . . we’ll cross that bridge when we both get there.

Seem reasonable? Let’s begin . . .