Are These ERTC Cold Calls Just a Scam? 

 October 26, 2023

By  Jace W Campbell, CPA

ERTC Scam Calls

The short answer is, it’s not that simple… Every situation is unique. However, there are indeed questionable practices associated with some ERTC cold calls. It’s important to remember that many of these calls are coming from ERC promoters who may not always be operating in the client’s best interest. In an oversaturated market, distinguishing between a genuine offer and a deceptive one can be challenging… As a result, it becomes critical to conduct thorough research before making any commitments.

The Importance of Due Diligence in Choosing an ERC Firm

Selecting the right ERC firm is paramount. But, how does one differentiate between a reliable firm and a mere promoter? It’s all about due diligence… Firstly, check if the firm is outsourcing its files. This could be a red flag, signaling that they might lack the requisite expertise… Secondly, determine whether they have a substantive understanding of tax matters… Promises of tax expertise can sometimes be misleading.

The Red Flags of Outsourcing

If a firm is outsourcing its files, it could indicate a lack of internal expertise. The risk? You may end up dealing with a middleman rather than an expert. Remember that all ERC firms are not the same. It’s vital to work with those who are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with the intricacies of tax matters.

Understanding the Complexity of Tax Matters and the Importance of True Expertise

Tax matters are complex, and this complexity is often leveraged by some firms to peddle false information about how the ERTC works. They can make dubious claims about their expertise and tempt you with the promise of risk-free money. But here’s the hard truth… Despite what these firms claim in their marketing spiel or on phone calls, your interests might not align with theirs. The Internal Revenue Service has made it clear that the taxpayer is always responsible for their own tax filings.

As a licensed CPA, I have seen rampant fraud in this industry. So, it becomes my duty to enlighten you about certain critical aspects of the Employee Retention Tax Credit. These insights should be instrumental in making decisions when claiming these credits. Let’s take a walk through the basics of ERTC, its origins, and how your business qualifies…

Taking Responsibility: The Taxpayer’s Role and the Role of Professional Guidance

The Internal Revenue Service maintains that you, as a taxpayer, are ultimately responsible for your tax filings. And herein lies a critical question for an audit – did you research and document your rationale at the time you filed your claims? Or, did you scramble to justify your decision once the IRS came knocking?

Engaging with a tax professional comes with an implicit understanding that they will provide sound advice without jeopardizing your position with the IRS through negligence or malicious intent. At our firm, we are transparent about this responsibility from the outset. We use explicit language in our engagement letter so our clients know that they are ultimately accountable for determining their qualifications.

But here’s where we add value: We offer comprehensive support to our clients in navigating these complex matters… The support we provide matters greatly, as it equips our clients to make informed decisions while staying aligned with the IRS’s guidelines. We cross-verify all claims with credible sources like IRS.gov and Treasury.gov, and reputable articles from trusted media outlets like the New York Times or Forbes. In the world of tax matters, due diligence is more than just a buzzword – it’s an absolute necessity.

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The JWC ERTC Advisory CPA: A Case Study in Reliability

In a sea of ERC promoters, one firm stands out: the JWC ERTC Advisory CPA. This isn’t a self-promoting statement, but rather an affirmation of their proven track record… This firm prides itself on its ethical practices, refusing to engage in cold calling or spam emails. They believe in complete transparency and diligence, making them a safe investment… Furthermore, their streamlined process requires minimal time from clients and ensures legally maximized refunds.

Defending Your Position with JWC ERTC Advisory CPA

If you are looking for a firm that will challenge your position and ask tough questions, consider JWC ERTC Advisory CPA.They are not acting tough to justify their existence; instead, they aim to safeguard your refunds and ensure you get a clean bill of health from the IRS.

The IRS’s Efforts to Curb ERTC Fraud

The IRS has increased its scrutiny on ERC promoters to curb ERTC fraud. It’s important to note that not all firms operate with your best interests at heart… Engaging with reputable firms like JWC ERTC Advisory CPA can ensure that you don’t fall prey to fraudulent practices.

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The Benefits of Working with JWC ERTC Advisory

Engaging with the JWC ERTC Advisory comes with benefits that extend beyond merely securing your ERTC. They offer guidance amidst the uncertainty, helping you navigate tax matters with ease… By mitigating fear and providing reassurance, they make tax matters less intimidating. Additionally, they offer independent eligibility reviews for taxpayers who have previously filed for ERTC but have doubts about their eligibility… In a nutshell, they are not just advisors, but also your allies in dealing with the intricacies of tax matters.

Jace W Campbell, CPA

Jace founded JWC ERTC Advisory CPA in March 2021 as the nation's first and only public accounting firm focused solely on ERC . . . and nothing else. He has personally signed over 9,000 ERTC claims and is proud to be executing these claims conservatively, and how intended by Congress.

He has a passion for educating clients so they can make the best decision for themselves.  If you read articles and watch videos that Jace produced in 2021, his approach is the same now as it was then.

While other firms pivot their messaging to comply with new IRS guidance, Jace continues preaching the same conservative principles that have helped clients recover hundreds of millions . . . while sleeping easy at night.

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