How Do I Check the Status of My ERC Refund? 

 October 9, 2023

By  Jace W Campbell, CPA

How Do I Check Status of My ERC Refund

In a world where economic turmoil can occur unexpectedly, businesses often struggle to keep their employees on board. One significant relief for such times is the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC). A refundable tax credit designed specifically for businesses that retain their employees during times of financial hardship. The aim of ERTC is to recognize and mitigate the difficulties many face during extraordinary situations like the COVID-19 pandemic.

As a business owner, you might be wondering about your employee retention credit refund status. And rightfully so… It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re availing all the benefits meant for your business’s survival and growth. But remember, not every ERTC ‘expert’ can guide you in the right direction. Hence, it becomes imperative to make informed decisions.

How to Check the Status of ERTC Refund?

Contact the IRS

The most direct way to check your ERC refund status is to contact the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) directly. You can call their toll-free phone number at 1-800-829-1040 and speak with a representative. Be prepared to provide your Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number (EIN) and other relevant information to verify your identity.

Check the IRS Website (www.irs.gov)

You can also visit the official IRS website (www.irs.gov) and use the “Where’s My Refund?” tool. This tool allows you to track the status of your refund by entering your Social Security Number or EIN, your filing status, and the exact amount of the refund.

Consult Your Tax Professional

If you have a tax professional or accountant who helped you with your ERC claim, they may also be able to assist you in checking the status of your refund.

Navigating through ERTC: Your Queries Answered

So, what exactly is this Employee Retention Credit? While a comprehensive explanation could fill volumes with minute details, let’s stick to giving you an overview…

The ERTC program comes with its intricacies and nuances which may sometimes seem overwhelming… However, understanding these complexities is crucial to maximize benefits from this program. In essence, this tax credit offers financial relief by reducing your tax liability if you continue retaining your employees amidst challenging times…

How does one qualify for the ERTC? Eligibility for this program involves certain criteria that need to be met… Some factors include experiencing a considerable decline in gross receipts or having operations fully or partially suspended due to government orders…

Beware of Lies and Deceptions: Not all firms offering ERTC services have your best interests at heart. Some may use deceptive tactics to get you signed up without ensuring proper compliance with IRS rules.

Why choose JWC ERTC Advisory CPA?

As we navigate through these challenges together, let me introduce JWC ERTC Advisory CPA – a firm that stands apart from the rest… Our team is dedicated to providing transparent, ethical, and efficient services in helping you claim your ERTC…

Working with us brings several benefits – the alleviation of fear through expert guidance, reduced uncertainty with accurate interpretations of complex regulations, and substantial gains from ensuring maximum credit claims… Whether you are a taxpayer who has previously filed for ERTC or someone who is skeptical about their eligibility for the credits, we offer independent eligibility reviews to put your concerns to rest…

The Recent Crackdown on ERTC Fraud

The IRS is vigilant and proactive in curbing ERTC fraud. In light of recent crackdowns on ERC promoters, it’s essential to engage an advisory that ensures compliance while helping you leverage these tax credits. With JWC ERTC Advisory CPA, rest assured that our advice and assistance align with the rules laid out by authoritative bodies such as IRS.gov and Treasury.gov…

Navigating through the ERTC can be challenging. But remember – we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Take the next step of discovery with JWC ERTC Advisory CPA today.

Jace W Campbell, CPA

Jace founded JWC ERTC Advisory CPA in March 2021 as the nation's first and only public accounting firm focused solely on ERC . . . and nothing else. He has personally signed over 9,000 ERTC claims and is proud to be executing these claims conservatively, and how intended by Congress.

He has a passion for educating clients so they can make the best decision for themselves.  If you read articles and watch videos that Jace produced in 2021, his approach is the same now as it was then.

While other firms pivot their messaging to comply with new IRS guidance, Jace continues preaching the same conservative principles that have helped clients recover hundreds of millions . . . while sleeping easy at night.

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