Let's Begin Your ERTC Claims

After conversations with more than 500 business owners and filing more than 1,000 amended Form 941-X's, you might say we've got this whole ERTC claims process down to a science. Admittedly . . . we didn't at first.

 Sure, we got to the right answer and we maximized those ERTC claims by coordinating with PPP funds.

But only after weeks of playing phone tag, chasing down files and handing off to multiple team members.

Lucky for you, we are proud to present the new and improved . . .

Two-Step ERTC Claims Process

Step #1

Download the Client Intake Form below, re-name the file to include your Business Name, fill in all the yellow boxes on the file, and attach the file to the "Intake Request" in PipeFile (the link in your email will take you directly back to that page).

If you have multiple businesses under common ownership (each as its own legal entity with its own EIN), please create a separate Client Intake Form for each business and load all the files into the same "Intake Request" in PipeFile.

Step #2

Our Eligibility Team will review your "Client Intake Form" within 2-3 days after your submission. That review will lead to one of three things paths forward:

  1. 1
    Our understanding is clear. Your eligibile periods are clear. You are assigned an Engagement Lead and you will receive a new Document Request for the files that we need to complete your computation and build your audit support, or;
  2. 2
    We found blank yellow boxes on your "Client Intake Form" and we could not easily decide whether you didn't see the question or if it did not apply to you . . . so we send you a message asking you to complete the form more fully and then re-attach it to the "Intake Request". (Pro Tip: If a question doesn't apply to you, just enter "N/A"), or;
  3. 3
    Your "Client Intake Form" looks complete, but based on your answers we think a quick phone call is prudent to ensure we're all on the same page and to identify potential roadblocks and opportunities early, rather than after we've prepared all your amendments.

If you have any questions at all during this process, do not hesitate to reach out to the Eligibility Team that sent you the link to the "Intake Request" in PipeFile. If they can't answer your question, they can connect you to the best person.