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Associated Business Services

Before completing your first submission, please read this document explaining the Client Onboarding Process.

Step #1

Download the Client Intake Form below, re-name the file to include your Client's Business Name, fill in all the yellow boxes on the file.

If you have multiple businesses under common ownership (each as its own legal entity with its own EIN), please create a separate Client Intake Form for each business.

Step #2

Select the appropriate File Submission link below based on your preliminary determination of eligibility.

The "Name" should be "[Client Biz Name] - [Partner Name]".

The "Email" address should be your email address. Not your client's email address.

Step #3

After you "Create" the Client File, you should copy the unique URL in your browser and paste it into a GoogleSheet. This is helpful so you can always easily go back to see what is still outstanding and also so we can all keep track of where these files are in the process.

You will also receive an email at the email address you entered so that you'll have a quick link back to this Client File. You will receive an automated reminder every 7 days informing you of what requests are still missing. Until all requests are uploaded, this file will not be reviewed by JWC Advisory.

If a request is incomplete or erroneous, JWC Advisory will comment on the submission and you'll receive an email from Pipefile directly back to that page. You will be unable to edit the document you submitted (once loaded it can only be accessed by the JWC Advisory team), so you will make corrections to your copy of the file and upload again. 

Step #4

Our current goal is to review submissions in 2-3 business days. If you don't hear from us by then, it means we've already sent the file to our Accounting Team to begin executing the calculation.

If we do not identify other needs during our work, then in 2-3 weeks you will receive the Form 941-X's for delivery to your client. Our goal is to cut this turnaround time to 5 business days by January 31, 2022.