Maximizing Employee Retention Tax Credits For Restaurants Nationwide

Every Restaurant Qualifies For A Refund Check

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We're Helping Restaurants Claim Cash That Many Didn't Know Existed For Them

The government has authorized billions in economic stimulus through the Employee Retention Tax Credit program, and yet hundreds of thousands millions of business owners will let much of this money go unclaimed. We've helped clients claim 8-figures so far . . . will your claim send us over the 9-figure mark?

You've heard conflicting advice from your banker, payroll service, bookkeeper, and perhaps even your own tax accountant.

Don't let the rumors and hearsay delay your refund check!

Every restaurant qualifies for Employee Retention Tax Credits because your business was had a partial suspension of operations during the past year; defined by the occupancy limits that you had for indoor dining.

Each state had a different timeline for re-opening dining, but for as long as you could not operate at the same capacity because of a % restriction or due to spacing tables to comply with social distancing requirements - then you qualify.

Complete this quick 2-minute ERTC Calculator and learn for yourself how much you can get back from Uncle Sam - and this is in a physical check mailed to you...not just credits for future payroll taxes.

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Learn How Dr. Henry Claimed An Additional $102,250 In Federal Stimulus Dollars

Having already received $123,876 in Payroll Protection Loans, Dr. Henry thought he had tapped out all the federal stimulus.

But we found another $102,250 in unclaimed funds that are his to spend however he likes - no strings attached.

Payroll . . . PPE . . . real estate . . . whatever he wants.
This money is not tied to future payroll expenditures. It is a refund for past payroll expenditures.

Download this Special Report to learn how every business owner can quickly claim thousands more in Employee Retention Tax Credits - and get a nice payday in the mail courtesy of the U.S. Treasury.

Frequent Questions

This seems too good to be true . . . can you explain this in more detail?

You're asking a CPA to explain something in more detail? That's dangerous.

Just download this Special Report.

In it we explain:

  • how this new Stimulus Money came to be;
  • why every dental practice owner qualifies for a refund; and,
  • show an example of Dr. Henry who got back over $100k after already receiving two PPP loans.

How much can I expect to get back?

Big picture answer: the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (signed March 11, 2021) authorizes up to $33,000 in refunds per employee, but that amount varies substantially based on no less than a dozen factors - timing of revenue declines, receipt of PPP loans & forgiveness, turnover of employees, etc etc.

Realistically, there is no reasonable answer for how much you can expect back until we run a few numbers. We've helped some clients get back $2,000 per employee, while other businesses are expecting the full $33,000 per employee.

If you would like a ballpark estimate, check out our ERTC Calulator. It is the most accurate tax credit estimator available online right now. We've seen other tools that ask just for # of employees, average wages per employee, and PPP loan amounts. If you come across these, BUYER BEWARE: these high level inputs will result in an inaccurate estimate that may greatly over- or under-estimate your refund.

For our tool, you'll need more detailed information such as quarterly revenue back to Q1 2019, headcount by quarter, and W-3 wages paid for 2020.

Want the simplest answer? Just call us at (512) 790-7880 and speak with a CPA for a no-cost assessment of your situation.

How do I get started?

Since maximizing your Employee Retention Tax Credits is all we do, we've made this incredibly easy to start. In fact, we've streamlined this process and will only require about 15 minutes of your time - from start to finish.

  1. Jump on the phone so we can answer any questions and get you an engagement letter.
  2. Connect us with your team members who can provide us payroll reports and quarterly filings.
  3. And we'll take it from there. We determine eligibility, compute your credits, prepare your filings and provide audit documentation.
  4. At the conclusion, you'll receive an Executive Summary and the amended Federal Returns to sign.
  5. We'll continue to follow-up with you through the end of 2021 to ensure you claim all the refunds for every quarter that you're eligible.

It really is that simple.

How much does this cost?

Our fees are based on a percentage of the tax credits we recover for you.

Our fees start at 15% and are never more than that. We charge nothing upfront. And we don't invoice you until you get paid by the US Treasury.

For larger clients with 50+ employees, we do reduce our rate and that is done on a case-by-case basis once we understand your potential qualifying periods, whether our legal team will be involved with determining the impact of government mandates on your business, and whether PPP was received in one or both years.

Why shouldn't I let my payroll service handle this?

Your Payroll Service does an excellent job of executing the fundamentals of paying your employees, paying your employment taxes and filing your quarterly reports.

But computing your ERTC credits requires visibility into your P&L and PPP forgiveness applications. Not only that, but the complex requirements around eligibility and allocating ERTC credits at the employee-level while accounting for annual and quarterly qualifying wage caps and . . . well, you can probably tell why Payroll Services are not offering to do all of this for you.

The Payroll Services that we’ve worked with so far are happy to provide the payroll registers that we need to perform the allocations. And they are happy to file the Amended Form 941-X with the IRS on our client’s behalf.

But that’s the extent of it.

In fact, most wise Payroll Services are asking clients to sign an indemnification waiver before submitting a Form 941-X because the Payroll Service can take no responsibility for the accuracy of the ERTC credits you are claiming.

For them to involve themselves in the intricacies of this calculation, it is a liability and beyond their scope of services.

Why can't my tax accountant handle this?

You don't see a general surgeon for a heart transplant.

Even though a general surgeon is technically licensed to perform a heart transplant - when you need the job done right the first time, by someone who is experience and has focused their training on the most important thing for you in that moment . . . you see a cardiothoracic surgeon.

When you need income tax return preparation, you see a CPA who is experienced and focused their continuing education on income taxes.

When you need to maximize your Employee Retention Tax Credits related to COVID stimulusare both licensed to they are Cardiothoracic surgeons specialize in heart transpGP's, just because your dental license permits you to offer orthodontics doesn't mean you should figure out how to treatment plan orthodontics in your spare time. And especially not when it is the only time you'll ever do it. And . . . "spare time" . . . really? Who has that?

The same can be said for the CPA that handles your income taxes. He or she most likely only prepares your Federal and State Income Tax Returns. However, ERTC credits are claimed against Employment Taxes on Form 941, which is often handled by your payroll service.

The complexity of the ERTC program is a beast unto itself and every tax accountant we’ve talked to has said they are focused on income taxes and "they'll figure this out later".

Let's face it, your CPA is already in a crunch for time getting returns prepared. They are short-staffed (like most businesses) and it will be many months before they have time to "figure this out".

Preserve your relationship with your CPA, avoid putting them in the awkward position of "is it done yet?" and let our ERTC experts get the job done right the first time, and quickly.

Why Choose JWC?

  • Guaranteed to Maximize Your Refundable Credits
  • So Easy That Your Entire Commitment is 15 Minutes
  • Audit-Proof Documentation for IRS Support 
  • No Other CPA Firm Specializes Solely in Employee Retention Credits 

You won't find us preparing income taxes, compiling financial statements or providing attestation services of any kind.

And that is exactly why CPA firms across the country send their clients to us.

They know we are experts in ERTC and they don't worry about us stealing their clients away for all the other services they provide so well.

When you engage us, rest assured that you've hired the best CPA Firm to lock in this one-time opportunity to claim your unclaimed stimulus money.